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Hi, my name is Francis Geissler. I am 16 years old, lived in Switzerland and California. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany. I have been climbing mountains since I was 10 years old and the last few years in the Zermatt region of Switzerland (Pollux, Lagginhorn, Riffelhorn​ and others). 

I attend  the Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS) in Berlin/Kleinmachnow, Germany. As part of my personal school project  I decided to create an informative website on the physical and mental benefits on mountaineering:

This project has personal significance to me as I want to inform mountain enthusiasts and beginners on the mental and physical health benefits of mountaineering and ultimately guide them on how to use the various aspects of mountain climbing to get a better enjoyment out of life (in both safety and passion/fun).

Three dimensions of successful mountaineering

Improve Your Game


Physical Preparation

This section is dedicated to the physical benefits of mountaineering. It requires special focus  on muscle  strength  (legs, fingers and core), agility and flexibility, as well as lung capacity and appropriate nutrition.   


Getting Your Mind Right

There's a saying that goes: "the greatest

challenges are always mental". This is not exactly always straight forward in mountaineering. The psychological element in moutaineering is there, but it is not as significant as the physiological

side. In mountaineering, the mind is more of a tool for awareness, mindfullness

and confidence rather than an obstacle to tackle

Skills & Knowledge

Equipment & Basics

Discipline in planning, preparation and getting the packing order right is  important as you are getting aquatinted with material and equipment in all kinds of situations or terrain (rock, ice, glacier, rain and snow). Moreover, awareness of extrinsic factors (i.e. weather) makes a mountaineer a mindful and respectful participant in nature. 


Patrick Lteif's ascent of the Matterhorn from the Hörnli Ridge

(Aug 26. 2013)


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