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The creation of this website, required conducting a range of different types of research (not just digital). The research phase deemed the most challenging part of the project, but seems to have payed off for the outcome (this website). Making such a website doesn't just come with the creation, but also citing things properly in order to be academically honest. 

All pictures, symbols or icons that have not been linked or cited are from wix and are non-copywrited. Any pictures used from the internet have been properly linked, cited and explained with either subheadings or disclaimers.

All facts and information are cited properly either through explanations (ex: any facts or information mentioned about VO2 max have been cited from this article below, written by... etc) or MLA 8 citations. I have even included short bios and links to people's socials, depending on who made the video, in order to give them further support.




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